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Been working at my establishment for 5 years, recently suspended for a week because i accidentally closed out a check wrong…

Q) I have been working for at my establishment for 5 years i was recently suspended for a week because i accidentally closed out a check wrong. I was out of work for more than a week obviously w/o pay. I am a single mother. When i finally received my schedule for work my hours were decreased dramatically. What can i do about it if there is anything i can do. I feel like i wasn’t treated right.

A) If you feel you have been treated unfairly in getting a reduction of earnings you have a right to file for unemployment benefits for your reduced hours. Visit your state unemployment office or state unemployment website and apply for benefits. Your state sets guidelines that determine whether you will be eligible for unemployment benefits, and how much compensation you can receive for lost wages. Your state guidelines also determine how many weeks of benefits you can receive.

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  1. Was on unemployment about four or five months ago. Amnesia for two months was in the hospital and they didn’t pay me my last 2 weeks of my unemployment so and I filled out the forms and they sent me another form and I sent it in so I’ve been going from home to home and I’m finally a little settled so that they owe me for two weeks about 377 so if you could email me or call me at 2******1

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