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what is the soonest I can resign from my job and put in a claim for unemployment?

Q) I am wanting to know, since my family and I are PCSing to Germany in March 2019, what is the soonest I can resign from my job and put in a claim for unemployment along with time for visiting family before we leave the country. Thank you in advance.

A) In the US in most cases, if you quit your job voluntarily, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. However, if you resign for good cause you may be able to collect unemployment benefits. In some states, an employee will be eligible for unemployment benefits only if the employee quit for good cause relating to the job (for example, because the job was unsafe or the employee had a serious work-related injury). In other states, an employee who quits for compelling personal reasons will also be eligible. Sourse:

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  1. If you are seeking unemployment insurance benefits because you were fired you may not qualify if you were found to be at fault. You must be out of work through no fault of your own. Workers who are laid off for economic reasons due to a plant closing, a reduction-in-force (RIF), or because of lack of work, for example are eligible for unemployment benefits. But employees who are fired are not always eligible for unemployment benefits if it was due to a fault on their part. If you can prove that you were fired for no foult of your own you my qualify for unemployment insurance benefit.

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