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Louisiana Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements for LouisianaEligibility_Requirements

  1. You must be no longer working through no fault of your own OR your work hours MUST have been reduced. If you quit or were fired, you may not be eligible for benefits. You MUST report ANY earnings for the week you work – Required.
  2. You must be registered for work through your local Business & Career Solutions Center (Louisiana Workforce Commission Job Center) – Eligibility Requirement
  3. You must file a weekly claim to receive benefits. You can file online through HiRE at or by phone at 866-783-5567- Required
  4. You must be able to go to work each day. If you are sick, in the hospital or otherwise unable to work even one day of a week, you cannot claim benefits for that week – Eligibility Requirement
  5. You must be available for full-time work. If you were offered a job today, you must be able to accept – Required
  6. You must actively look for work. You must look for work by contacting at least THREE different employers about job openings during EACH week that you claim benefits – Required (read more)
Louisiana Unemployment Insurance
Unemployment insurance is funded by a tax on Louisiana employers. You do not pay anything for unemployment insurance while you are working. Unemployment insurance is for individuals who earn wages from an Louisiana employer who is required by law to pay the unemployment insurance tax.
Louisiana Unemployment Weekly Benefit Amount
The weekly benefit amount of unemployment compensation that you may receive is fixed by law. The amount of money you could receive each week will be at least $10 and no more than $247.

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