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My last day of work was 11-1-2013, Can I make a RJS appt at Sedalia

unemployed_personQ) My last day of work was 11-1-2013. With a return to work date of 2-03-2014. I sent in all info on pensions etc. I rec’d a letter about a RJS appt. I was sch for 0 contacts. I filed for wks starting 12-01-2013 I’am staying in Marshall with my mother who fell and broke her hip and arm. Can I make a RJS appt at your Sedalia office instead of KCMO? Or file for less wks since I haven’t made any contacts

A) Due to the fact the each state administrates their unemployment benefit program differently, I suggest that you call or visit your local unemployment office and speak with a counselor regarding “Can I make a RJS appt”.

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