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I opened another claim in the beginning of 2012, can I reopen that claim

unemployed_personQ) Hello. I filled out the last time card for the amount of money in this claim but the claim is active for six more monthes, until June 2014. I read that extensions will be cut off Dec. 28,2013. I haven’t filed for an extension yet. I am eligible for an extension as of today, Dec. 15, 2013. This claim began in June of 2013. I opened another claim in the beginning of 2012, can I reopen that claim, or has too much time lapsed? Or should I file for an extension today? Thank you.

A) I would recommend that you call or visit your local unemployment office and speak with a counselor regarding your extension. Keep in mind that the federal budget compromise reached this week does not extend long-term unemployment insurance benefits.

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  1. Was on unemployment about four or five months ago. Amnesia for two months was in the hospital and they didn’t pay me my last 2 weeks of my unemployment so and I filled out the forms and they sent me another form and I sent it in so I’ve been going from home to home and I’m finally a little settled so that they owe me for two weeks about 377 so if you could email me or call me at 2******1

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