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I have been working for two doctors, one died and the other laid me off. Do I file two unemployment cases?

Q) I have been working for two doctors in one office for 15 years. One doctor just passed away, so I lost that job and the other doctor decided to downgrade his office size and laid me off. The doctors each hired me as a part time worker to split my wages. Do I have to file two cases since each Doctor hired me as a part time worker? One final day was on the 30th and one wrote down the 31 is this a problem? How do I file?

A) If you have been working two jobs and lost your total income from both jobs You can file for unemployment benefits on one claim. If you have lost income on both jobs, you can file a total loss of work claim. If you had two jobs and lose one or experienced reduced hours at either or both, you can file a partial loss of work claim. The amount you receive in benefits will be determined by the amount of money you are earning per week. If you have zero income you will possibly be entitled to maximum benefits if you have fulfilled all your state prior qualifying work hours.

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  1. Worked for company 19 1/2 years, had jury duty they released us saying they did not need us, took the form back to work gave to girls behind the counter like I have done the last 18 years, get called into office an was asked where my form was, I said I turned it in. She says not good enough so sent daughter to go to court get a different one? because they did not get it. A week goes by I get called in again and she asked did I go to jury I said yes but they did not need us and was released, she said why did you not come back to work I said because no one comes back to work if they have 1 day of jury service she said yes you do and out of the whole 3 floors in the building you would not find 1 person that would say yes you have to come back to work. Not even the corporate boss’s wife, which worked their she said nope no one comes back to work, well I get pulled in again and they fire me, can I collect unemployment she said I falsified a time card? what time card I never signed a time card the whole 19 years their? You get signed in when you log into your computer: I had no clue, where all this was coming from? Now they are calling me a thief on top of it? When she fired me I just took my badge off and said you want it that bad take it and left.. I was in shock that they would actually go so low to now call me a thief and for what, no retirement no medical really so out of the blue I am just starting lying and cheating at work really? I hope they all know what karma is! and the next day wow my G.F. calls me from work and says guess what’s on my desk I say what she says its a letter to all the people saying if you go to jury duty you have to come back if they let you go early? wow really! can I get unemployment since I paid into it for 19 half years?

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