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Sarasota FL Unemployment Career Center Office

Sarasota FL Unemployment Career Center Office provide individuals seeking employment all the latest tools to find and keep that special job. Employers will find assistance in recruiting new employees including a national job listing network, applicant screening, and space in the centers to conduct testing and employment interviews.

Suncoast Workforce
3660 N. Washington Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34234
(TDD) 800-304-9219
Suncoast Workforce
3030 University Parkway
Sarasota, Fl 35234
(TDD) 711

Was sick, got fired, was bullied by two employees. What exactly do I do?

Q) I had a full time job and got sick with a stomach bug. I called in and told my boss I couldn’t go in because I was vomiting and was told that’s fine. The next day I went in still sick but I tried to just work through it and couldn’t. They FORCED me to… Continue Reading