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I am a bus driver. I failed physical due to high blood pressure. Can I file unemployment for days I was off work?

Q) I am a school bus driver. I was sent for a DOT physical exam on Jan.29. I failed the physical due to high blood pressure. I was told I could not return to work until I pass the physical, which I am scheduled to retake on Feb.6. If I pass the physical and return to work that day, or the next day, I will not have the 8 days out of work to qualify for disability benefits. Can I then file a claim for unemployment for the days I was out of work? If so, under what reason? Thank you!

A) If you are suffering from an illness (high blood pressure) or injury, you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits until you are once again well and able to work. However, an employee who has a disability and could work if provided a reasonable accommodation generally will be considered able to work.

I was recently let go and my be call back to work part-time. Will I be able to collect part-time unemployment?

Q) I was recently let go and told to sign up for unemployment.But,I am trying my best to stay and work a different building.i am full time and may be called back.Would I be able to sign up for partial unemployment if I can work part time?Thanks for any answer A) Your State law will determine if… Continue Reading

Starting unemployment, on dialysis and kidney transplant list. Do I qualifies as an exception to be “able to work”?

Q) I am starting unemployment in PA and, being over 55, expect it will take a while. I am also on a transplant list and expect to be called to get a new kidney soon. Since that will keep me from being physically able to work for at least a month, I was wondering if this… Continue Reading

 If I quit my job instead of getting fired, do I qualify for unemployment benefit?

Q) If I quit my job instead of getting fired, do I qualify for unemployment benefit, the company I’m working for. Seems to use the law only when is convenient for them not the employee. A) According to the Department of Labor, you need to meet two criteria to qualify for unemployment: You are unemployed through no… Continue Reading

How long does it take before I receive my 1st unemployment check after I qualify?

Q) How long does it take before I receive my 1st unemployment check after I qualify? A) Usually an average two to three weeks. The federal Department of Labor’s website says that you can expect your first unemployment check two or three weeks after you apply, as long as you submit all of the required information,… Continue Reading

I am a truck driver needing surgery. Need to take work off. How do I find benefits while I cannot work?

Q) I am a OTL trucker who drives for a small operation in Des Moines, IA. I need colon-rectal surgery soon and I need income while I am off work, having surgery and afterward for recovery. How can I find benefits while I cannot work? A) You may look at applying for Short Term Disability – Short term… Continue Reading

I live in CA, my dad lives in IL. Ask dad to come watch grand children while I work. Boss Okyd, then later said he may get fired

Q) I am writing on behalf of my dad. I live in California but he lives in Loves Park, Illinois. I am leaving for work and needed him to come out here to watch his granddaughter while I am gone, he spoke to his boss to see if he would be able to take the time… Continue Reading

I am getting social security, and retirement. The place I work is closing. Will I be able to draw unemployment?

Q) I’m 77 and getting social security, a retirement check and work part time. The place I work will be closed for 6 weeks. Will I be able to draw unemployment. Thank you A) Social Security does not count unemployment benefits as earnings. They do not affect retirement benefits. However, income from Social Security may reduce… Continue Reading


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